Square: solved problems

What is the basic unit of area? Learn to move from one unit to another and the surface unit problems will not be an obstacle

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The free version is very helpful, but the paid version will really help you understand math, i would give this 10 stars if I could, it's a nice app to use, thanks for such a great app. Good thing is, it's calculations are really accurate.

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Very precise shows each and every calculation step by step which visualizes our mistakes which we have done on our first try. Highly recommend this app, but you need internet to use math app.

Surface area exercises

Calculate: A The total area. B The volume. Solution.
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Exercise of Problems with surface units

. Express the above surface area in hectares. We want to sow a field of 2 hectares. If the seed is worth 5 euro cents per square meter, how much

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Exercises and problems of areas and volumes

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Problems of areas III

11In a square of side 2 m a circle is inscribed and in this circle a square and in this other circle. Find the area between the last

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