Sketch the region enclosed by the given curves calculator

2Calculate the area of the enclosure bounded by the curve {y = 9 - x^2} and the {OX} axis. 5Calculate the area bounded by the curve {xy = 36} , the {OX} axis

Defined integral: calculation of the area bounded between graphs of

48.- Given the curve r2 = 4 cos(2α). Calculate: a) Domain of r b) The area bounded by the given curve (Explain the limits of integration).

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Calculation of areas of enclosures bounded by two functions.

Calculate the area of the flat region bounded by the curve f(x) = |x2 - 4x| and the straight line y = 12. Draw the enclosure. 5. Find the area of the enclosure bounded by
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Calculate the area bounded by the graph of the function above and the x-axis. Draw the enclosure bounded by the curve y = x3 + x2 - x - 1 and the X-axis.