Limit of a function

A brief explanation on how to calculate the limit of a function when x tends to infinity. Examples are included for better understanding.

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Limits when x tends to infinity or minus infinity. Exercises

Infinite limits. Infinite plus infinite limit. A function f(x) has by limit +∞ when x → a, if for every positive real number.(K>0 )it is verified that f(x)>k

Infinite limits and limits at infinity

In this case, it is said that at y=k there is a horizontal asymptote. An asymptote is a line that the function approaches closer and closer but never reaches

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Limit computation step by step

We will say that the limit of the function f(x) when x tends to plus infinity is plus infinity, when whatever the value of the real number K, it is possible to find another real number L, such that if x is greater than L, then f(x) is greater than K.

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Calculation of the Limit of a Function at Infinity

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Limit at infinity. Definitions.

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