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How to logarithmic equations

Theory - Definition and properties of logarithms - How to solve exponential equations? - Logarithmic equations - Antilogarithm and collogarithm

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Logarithmic Equations

In logarithmic equations the unknown appears as an argument of a logarithm. We can solve them by applying the properties of logarithms.

How to solve logarithmic equations

In this page we solve 26 logarithmic equations. We will have to apply the properties of logarithms to simplify the equations.
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Solved Logarithmic Equations

It is necessary to know the properties of logarithms, the change of base of logarithms and the As we said before, to be able to solve equations

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Logarithms: Equations, Systems and Demonstrations

Content of this page: Introduction and properties of logarithms. 25 Solved logarithmic equations. 11 Systems of logarithmic equations solved.

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