How to get the absolute value of a number

The absolute value of a number consists of its value, regardless of its sign. When we take the absolute value of a number, it is always positive or zero. If the original value is already positive or zero, the absolute value is the same. If the original value is negative, we simply get rid of the sign.
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How to find the absolute value of a number

Absolute value of a real number a, written |a|, is the same number a when it is positive or zero, and opposite of a, if a is negative. Explanations and examples

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Absolute Value

The absolute value of a number the distance a number has, on the number line, to zero, regardless of whether positive or negative.

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Absolute Value

The absolute value of a number is its distance from zero on a number line . For example, 4 and -4 have the same absolute value (4).
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Absolute value of a number

Source code for calculating the absolute value of an integer or floating point number in Python.

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absolute value

In today's post you are going to learn how to calculate the absolute value of a matches its numerical value regardless of the sign.

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