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1; 2; 3; 4; 5 Numbers and operations (17 sheets); Algebra (4 sheets) If you change these sheets you can study

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Laminas Cepech Eje Numeros y Algebra

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Flamina artística Algebra Math Hoja 2 de funmaths

Lamina Algebra I Example: If a = 1 and b = - 2, then a + b2 = 1 + (- 2)2 = 5 - Reducción You can only add or subtract the términs

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This app is my favorite math tool, explains how to get the answer very well, but sometimes it can be a bit wordy, even better after the sound is gone, aMAZING APP! But could you add a feature so it can recognise pictures saved onto your device so I can get it from my gallery.

John Fitzgerald

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Lamina-8 Álgebra II (V1)

Lamina-8 Algebra II (V1) - document [*.pdf] 2 Concept map 1 Synthesis of of algebraic expressions Collectable laminated Algebra II .