Exponents in calculator

How to calculate the exponent on the calculator? - 0:184:09Video Tip - 49 secondsCalculating powers using a calculator

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Calculate Power and Roots of numbers with your

index, as well as powers of fractional exponent. Casio 570 calculator allows you to perform these operations directly.

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Powers, radicals, logarithms and scientific notation

mxIf you have a scientific calculator of level se. buttons that allow you to calculate numbers with power or with exponents and with roots.

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How to calculate the exponent in the calculator

Free exponent calculator - Simplify expressions with exponents using step-by-step algebraic rules.


Alternatively, you can raise a number to power as follows: type the base on the keyboard, press the Shift + (^) keys, type the exponent (

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How to make the exponent ^ in a scientific calculator?

There can be powers of positive exponent and powers of negative exponent, for values less than unity. They are well written as scientific notation
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How to do powers on the calculator